You can make arrangements by calling us or, if you prefer, we will come to your home.

Some of the questions you will be asked to answer:

  • Name of Person
  • Father’s name, Mother’s name & Mother’s maiden name
  • Hebrew name of deceased
  • Education
  • Social Security Number
  • Marital status
  • Birth date
  • Residence of the deceased
  • Birthplace
  • Cemetery deed/location & ownership information

What if death should occur away from home?

Should you require our services to bring a family member home for burial, we will make all arrangements
necessary to insure the safe and expedient transfer from anywhere in the world. Simply call us and we will
immediately take charge, giving you and your family complete confidence that matters are well in hand.


Pre-arranging a funeral may involve setting up an fund that should completely cover the cost of the funeral or
it can mean nothing more than simply having your information in our files which allows us to make matters
a little easier for your family when the time of need arises. All pre-paid funerals that we initiate are funded through CHOICES: The New Jersey Pre Paid Funeral Trust. Each account is FDIC insured and held in the name of the

Pre-Arrangement funds are transferable. The funeral home which provides the funeral service is the one that
will receive payment. Regardless of where you may have already made pre-paid funeral arrangements, you
can either transfer them or simply call us at the time of need.

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